Interior designer & furniture

After graduating from the Ecole Camondo in 2007, a reference school in the interior design sector, Chloé began her activity at Printemps-Haussman and participated in the restructuring of the shop in Paris for two years. After a mission in China for an Italian architecture agency, she joins India Mahdavi's studio in 2011 as an interior architect. For 4 years, she followed the projects of the Hotel l'Apogée in Courchevel for the Oetker group, prestigious private residences in Connecticut, Paris and London and learned the requirement and research for creativity.

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Nourished by these experiences and the project to develop her own language, Chloé opened her own studio in 2015.

Her passion for craftsmanship, travel, and her singular outlook, nourish her first projects for which she designs spaces with particular identities. Her work reflects the fruit of encounters, the history of a place, carried out with a precise and daring technical rigour.

Elegance and intuition are the hallmarks of the French designer known for her intuitive approach to design and decoration. Chloé creates stunning interiors, imbued with a timeless elegance.

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I don't want to embroider around an image, to create a framework outside of which nothing exists. I think of a place as a whole, so that it can be viable, perennial, both in reality and in time.

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If intuition allows us to give the first creative impulse and to propose a vision of a place, the process of intervention of the studio is organized with rigor. The development of each project is punctuated by trend books, models, sketches, perspectives and technical documents on which to discuss; the follow-up of the site and the production are carried out with the same fluidity. By putting into perspective inventiveness, technicality and sensitivity, the Studio Chloé Nègre tries to create a language of its own, structured by a sense of detail.