Collection Soir d’été dans mon jardin

Custom made furniture
Interior living room

Presented for the first time on September 09th, 2021 during the Paris Design Week, the collection "Soir d'été dans mon jardin" is part of the AD journey of interior designers creating furniture. 

If Chloé has always been keen to create signature furniture in each of her architectural projects, this is her first collection under her own name. "Soir d'été dans mon jardin" translates, in the design, a more personal and daring commitment. 

Chloe unveils an interior living room with vegetal curves and warm colors inspired by a late day walk in her wild garden. The living room can live as a bold ensemble or as a unique piece that awakens a wiser interior. "Soir d'été dans mon jardin" invites us to dream the color in our interior.

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SCN 20210907 PINTON-1154 HD
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A small-scale design, "Soir d'été dans mon jardin" was conceived and designed in the parisian studio. Through an intuitive approach to design, this collection resonates as a harmonious whole that pays tribute to the singularity of each piece. In an eco-design approach, the team was sensitive to the choice of materials and partners, based in France, Spain and Portugal.

The whole collection is customizable and can be developed on demand (finishes, dimensions).

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The Matcha sofa and armchair are recognizable by the sinuous design of their contours, they easily become the emblematic piece of our living room.  They can be declined in different colors and fabrics on request. The whole set is made in Portugal in a factory that meets the current expectations in terms of environment (solar energy, sorting and recycling of materials). The square cushions are made from fabric scraps.

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The Primavera coffee tables have been designed as a sculptural element in the center of the room. The ensemble draws the contours of a blooming primrose.  They are designed to work together or separately and can be made in natural rattan or lacquered in the color of your choice.

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The Nymphéa floor lamp has been designed as a liana in flower. It is both a floor lamp and a small pedestal table, perfect as a sofa end. The color of the shade and the petal can be customized on request.

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The Sweet Pea mirror is composed of a set of interlaced rattan evoking the sinuous curves of sweet peas. Both mirror and wall piece, it will become a signature piece of your interior.

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