Teo Cabanel retail store

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Retail store 60m2
Interior design
Custom-made furniture
Sustainable design

The Studio is proud to present today its first boutique  developed with a more responsible eye for Teo Cabanel.

The Teo Cabanel boutique is a place to meet, share and discover perfumes. It reflects the values of the brand, which is committed to creating perfumes that "respect nature and those who wear them".  

This project represents a great opportunity for the Studio to design differently. For several months now, we have been aware of the environmental issues related to environmental issues related to interior design. The challenge has been to analyse our creative process in order to determine the points that needed to be improved. We have defined a method based on three main areas: natural materials, upcycling, highlighting French know-how

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SCN 20210917 TEO CABANEL-1414 RVB HD
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In the image of the brand, Chloé wanted to define the space as an intimate and sunny setting with a whitewashed wall and a bright palette, from vanilla brown to mimosa yellow, from the natural rattan of the coffee tables to the bright fabric of the made-to-measure sofa. 

 We chose to divide the space into different areas in order to express the different facets of the brand's universe:  at the entrance, the discovery area, the lounge area, the library of scents, the wellness area and the workshop at the back of the shop.


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